Bio Lift Facial

What is a Bio Lift Facial & how does it work?


The Bio face lift technology uses micro currents to stimulate cells and re-educate muscles. Bio lifting tones muscles, softens wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.

Using bio face lifting therapy, facial muscles feel and look firmer, and the appearance of wrinkles are reduced. It also helps to improve the tone and all the features of your face such as your eyes, cheeks, mouth, chin and skin. This technology was featured on Oprah and has been sweeping the nation ever since. Called the “Non-Surgical face lift” the benefits of Bio Face lifting when combined with Photon Therapy are simply amazing

We recommend to have a course of treatments once or twice a week for approx 6 weeks for maximum benefits followed by a once a month 'maintanence' treatment.


Non Surgical Bio-Lifting Facial (60mins) £35.00

Course of 3 Bio-Lift facials £90.00

Photon Light Therapy

What is Photon Light Therapy & how does it work?


Our cells are photoreceptive and respond in different ways toward various light colors. Therapy using light is known as Phototherapy and the light is measured in 'photons'. The LED (Light Emitting Diode) has a wealth of amazing benefits and each colour has a specific wavelength or frequency vibration that causes the cells to react in certain ways and when applied correctly can bring forward many beneficial effects within the skin.


A well known light used within the Beauty and skin therapy field is the RED light known for its ability to sooth & stimulate collagen production & for anti-aging renewal effects. There is also the GREEN light great for calming & excellent for rosacea or the BLUE light known to fight against bacteria and great for acne skins.

The non-invasive Photon Skin Rejuvenation therapy effectively and painlessly treats the face and body. Helping with imperfections, such as stretch marks, pigmentation lines and wrinkes, acne and scar tissue.

How many photon light treatments would you recommend?


This will vary dependant on the severity of the condition, For example treatment for rosacea or acne may require 2-3 treatments per week for upto 2-4 weeks followed by a maintanence treatment every 3-4 weeks.   

Can photon light therapy help improve stretch marks?


Yes, the newer (red) stretch marks can be improved by the light treatment and will improve the appearance by reducing the redness of the stretch marks. We recommend combining this treatment with the Radio frequency if the area of skin is loose as it will also help to tone up the area giving the skin a smoother appearance.


Photon Light Therapy (30mins) £20.00

Course of 3 treatments £50.00

Photon Light Therapy

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